WB Photography has been in business at its Junction City Location since 1997. We pride ourselves on our customer-friendly attitude and friendly service. Waldo Berry and Barbara Berry are the primary studio artists and owners. Waldo Berry has been involved in photography since he was 11 years old. He claims his greatest joy in photography was the time spent with his grandfather on his photography travels. He is noted as a talented traditionalist and innovative photojournalistic photographer. His unique style is highly sought after because it bridges both predominant styles of photography. He is a Kansas Fellow, a Professional photographer of America: Photographic Craftsmen, a Master Photographer, and a Certified Professional Photographer. Barbara Berry works side by side with her husband Waldo and shares his love for the craft. She has a strong creative eye and is an outstanding photojournalistic photographer. Barbara and Waldo often work hand in hand to produce the incredible stunning artistry that is unique to WB Photography.

Our work includes Military Balls, Seniors, Portraits, Weddings, Children, Pets, Proms, and Special Events

Contacts us through the contact us link, or email us at [email protected] or 785-238-6944. If you call and don't get us, please leave a message.