Professional Systems and Lighting used in the studio


Professional background Systems:

We are professionally skilled in all the traditional and advanced digital and virtualization background systems.  This saves you time and money and allows you to get more in your images than any other studio can offer.

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  • Professional Portrait System – this is a high-tech portrait virtualization system.  It allows us to utilized various real time digital imaging when photographing the client.
  • Digital extraction imagery. – this uses the latest extraction methods to place clients on variety of real and virtual locations and backgrounds.
  • High Key white – this is shot on our totally whit high key vinyl background, presenting a very clean high fashion look.
  • Traditional muslin, canvas, and drapes – we still have the ability to photograph using our traditional muslins and canvases, but there require more setup time, most have been moved to our Professional Portrait System.
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Professional Lighting systems:

WB Photography is a a master of lighting and exposure.  We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best in professional lighting and varied techniques.  We literally work to artistically paint each subject with light.

  • Umbrella specular lighting – provides a very harsh broad light
  • Soft box lighting – provides a soft natural light the wraps around the subject
  • Parabolic lighting  - provides a very focused and feathered light source
  • Cool and Warm reflector lighting – used to reflect light back onto the subject as a cool or warming light.
  • Pattern Projection lighting – used for special pattern shadowing either on the background or on the subject