Senior Ambassadors Program at WB Photography



KRENDA (Current Ambassador)




WB Photography is starting its 2015 Senior Student ambassador program.

We are looking for members of the Class of 2015 to represent our studio as Student Ambassadors.  Ambassadors will receive complimentary sessions, great photos and have lots of fun. We will use the images for samples and advertising.


As an Ambassador, you will promote our senior photography to your friends and classmates. The Ambassador program will benefit both you and the studio.


Because you are applying to be part of the startup group, my expectations will be much higher and your benefits much great that what will be available to future ambassadors.


The initial goal is to get positive referrals to WB photography of Class of 2015 seniors at your school and local schools.  A positive referral is a senior that books and purchased a senior session package from WB Photography.  My hope is that you will not only help me hash out the program, but also recommend changes and improvements. 

We must tell you up front that everyone who applies cannot be accepted. We have a limited number of Ambassadors. Everyone who applies, though, will receive a complimentary 15 minute session.   No prints beyond those posted online will be provided.  The purpose of which is to provide you with some experience of what we offer seniors.

If you are selected, initially the plan is to offer ambassador slots based on the potential to create referrals.  

Ambassadors can get referral bucks to apply towards additional purchases or upgrades to their packages.  Referral bucks are the equivalent of 10% of the package purchase of a referral.  Referral bucks are not refunded for cash value, so unused bucks will be lost if not used.

Seeking Seniors from the following Schools in the Program:

Junction City High

Manhattan High

Wakefield High

Chapman High

Apostolic Academy

White City

(and yours)

Parental approval is required, and if you are a female you must either bring a parent or person of adult age to the session.   Qualification: You must NOT be associated with any other photography studio and must NOT be participating in any other studio promotion or event.  To apply, simply email us for information and an application.