All sessions are unlimited outfits and unlimited backgrounds.  Time is the primary limit, so once time has expired the session is complete.  Additional time can be purchased but is subject to scheduling restrictions. 

2021 Senior Brochure

Session Blocks – these are the primary time session blocks, you can purchase as many blocks as you desire to create your session experience.  There are three types of blocks:  Studio, Location, and Travel.  The blocks are available in 30, 60, 90, and 120-minute size.  Sessions blocks are assembled to create the session (for example a Session Block of 1 hour can contain a formal + sports + casual = 1-hour session broken into thirds)

Location Group

Location sessions are for an area location, not constant travel to several locations.  All location work must be able to be done within a limited walking area once selected.  Locations are limited to 25 miles from the studio, locations all have a fuel surcharge based on the distance.  Travel time is included in the level of the location session you choose, so please factor in your travel time going and coming.

  Lake Safari – Water front session near a local lake, river or large pond
WOB_9907 Urban legend in town – Location session in town, urban grunge areas and street scape shots
keron3158ab After Dark – on location evening or late afternoon session around town, city lights and night background
WOB_6836 Water Fall Area Safari – Areas with physical falls such as Pillsbury Crossing or Rock springs ranch
WOB_6230 Around Campus Safari – we are located near K-State thus campus shoots are a viable option for your location session
WOB_6122 Fall Safari – Fall season outdoor.
  Winter Safari – this is strictly a seasonal event session, but if coordinated we can get some winter shots.
All our location sessions have the option is to use out Professional Systems to virtualize the location.  Limitation based on available virtual images available and lighting requirements.  Shots of less than full length unless the digital extraction is used.
Studio Group  
WOB_8447 Formal session – strictly a formal dress up affair, bring your best dressed looks
  Sports session – wear you sports outfits, bring your sports props
0062a Casual session – strictly casual all the way, jeans, kakis, cottons, get comfortable.
DSC_6761 Model session Hi Key – this session is all on our high key white, so not shit should be worn, this is great for high fashions look.
WOB_4822 Free Flow – session is all about freedom and fun.  We already free flow during normal sessions, but this is a session exclusively about you and what you want to do.