white20x30 rt_4924 DSC_8015 Let’s first talk about posing.  One of the main concerns of seniors is their look and poses during the session.  As a professional photographer I have spent many years helping seniors look their best.  I have found that a mix of my ideas and theirs usually works best.  So we always start each session with an analysis of you.  We talk honestly of any flaws, positives, and things to look for.  Once the session start we generally do 2-3 shots for each pose.  We generally move through several poses, then I tell the senior to “free flow pose” for several shots.  The senior then has the option to pose how they would like.   If I feel a pose won’t work I will let them know.  Generally we shoot tethered, so you can see the shot in the monitor as we shoot.  We will free flow for several poses then move to the next set of poses, or back grounds.

Let’s talk about backgrounds.  Since we change your backgrounds frequently, getting the right mix that works with your outfits and poses is critical.   The focus is always the customer in the image, but the background can set the image off in a unique and special way.  If we plan to isolate the subject more, neutral or non-distractive backgrounds are used.  Our clients often ask how long a background change takes.  It depends on which of out four background systems we use.  We talk more about our unique systems on other areas of our website.  If you have taken the time to review the background options we currently have, you may have selected clothing or accessories to fit the background.